Cycle Messenger World Championship
October 28-31
Halloween Weekend
new york City cmwc

The annual cycle messenger world championship is comes to New York City this fall . Bike Messengers from all over the world will converge in Gotham for some cycling fun and mayhem .This will be the 28th edition . In absence of its own stand alone event ,North Americas top cyclists, in their respective fields, will also be determined.(North American cycle courier championship aka the NACCC)The dates are, Halloween Weekend (October 28,29,30,31)Keep in touch by visiting the website ,and or find us on social media .


We will definitely need volunteers for various tasks

you can sign up via event brite or here soon


Sponsor Us

Sponsor packet coming soon. But if you know whats going on shoot us an email and get a head start


We will guest housing options soon



Full schedule of events for the weekend , you know, like bikes & parties and more bikes more beer and more bikes


List of events we are working on.

Some more likely to happen than others

Everything is subject to change

  • Main Race
  • Cargo Race
  • Goldsprints
  • Miscellaneous side events
  • Black Label’s Bike Kill
  • Halloween Alleycat
  • Parties at night
  • Prom party
  • WFT alleycat (witches brew)
  • Out of town alley cat
  • Movie nite
  • Art crawl
  • Bar crawl
  • Critical mass ride
  • NYC’s world famous Halloween parade
  • Small chance,big dream(criterium ) (mini-velodrome)
  • Tracklocross
  • Karaoke
  • Photobooth
  • *your suggestion here (


coming soon

Who's Coming



  1. Pablo Airaldi
  2. Ariel Giron
  3. Julian Dolado Valencia, Spain
  4. Jonathan Cortes Exposito Zaragoza Spain
  5. Zachary Tran Vitry
  6. Cris Py Boston
  7. Antonio Janifer Boston MA
  8. Dirk Anschutz Brooklyn
  9. Joseph (opie)Chapman Atlanta GA
  10. Joshua Weitzner NY
  11. Alejandro Valencia NY
  12. David Leadingham Toronto/Montreal
  13. Luis Diaz Bronz NY
  14. Sebastian Bruce Brooklyn NY
  15. Richard Cruz bronx NY
  16. Stoned Tone, SF
  17. Mater Cabrera , Bogota
  18. Aaron Dancho, Munhall USA
  19. Benjamin Hubble, Philadelphia PA
  20. Jay Skinner Richmond VA
  21. Paul Joyner Washington DC
  22. Glenn Gentzke New York NY
  23. Daniel Oshann Edmonton ,Canada
  24. Christopher Coco Brooklyn NY
  25. Erik Setterlund Northhampton MA
  26. Adam Menace ,Berlin
  27. Justin Smith Chicago, Il
  28. Sam Armstrong Long Beach CA
  29. Seb Ramirez Brooklyn NY
  30. Peter Trapasso Maritime Courier, Long Beach CA
  31. Spooky Took, Birdys Bar Bushwick,Brooklyn
  32. Jose Serraty New York NY
  33. Tony Duran , Minneapolis ,Minnesota US


  1. Christina Nahas, Brooklyn
  2. Stacie Brunner Philly PA
  3. Coreen Reich Toronto Canada
  4. Holly Dupuis Toronto Canada
  5. Judith Szeto Chicago IL
  6. Patricia McCracken Denver CO
  7. Tracey Hinder , NY
  8. Becky Wise Brooklyn NY
  9. Micaela Merrit Brooklyn
  10. Sonia Serba Toronto Canada
  11. Iris Olson Brooklyn NY
  12. Dagge , forever Brooklyn
  13. Shreya Mehta